A Physician's Testimonial
Why Did I Decide to Work For Children's Acute Care?

Eleven years ago, I was in Northeast Ohio looking for new opportunities to practice Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM). I was working as an attending physician in a Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) at a Cleveland Clinic satellite hospital, but I wanted to move my career in a new direction. I saw an ad for a position at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center (CFV) in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The ad was placed by Children’s Acute Care (CAC), and when I answered the ad, I was quickly contacted by CAC president and founder, Dr. Frank Gioia. After a discussion with Dr. Gioia, a visit was arranged to the CFV campus where I was able to meet the doctors there and get a look at the PEM program and the CAC system as a whole. On that visit, I was able to see that CAC was an organization that I wanted to join.

While the home offices of the group were—and remain—in Las Vegas, the local physicians were the leaders of the group at CFV and with local leadership, I knew that I could have a strong voice in the growth, development and direction of the practice. The support staff both on-site in Fayetteville and in Las Vegas were easily accessed and made sure that all my questions were answered and that I had all the resources I needed to go through licensing and credentialing process with as little hassle as possible on my part. The compensation and benefits were highly competitive—and remain so to this day—and the path to ownership was clear, easy to understand, and didn’t require any out-of-pocket expense for me. I also saw that the physicians I was going to work with were supportive, and it was clear that CAC fostered a collegial relationship among its physicians, not a competitive one. Everyone was invested in the success of the group and supported the practice and each other.

Another feature of CAC that appealed to me was its structure. CAC is physician-owned and operated, and all of the physicians are pediatric-trained. This was in contrast to my previous practice, which was a general emergency medicine group that grudgingly accepted PEM physicians into its fold. Everyone at CAC was dedicated to the care of children and appreciated the special needs of pediatric practice and the unique mission we have in the field of medicine. That attitude and perspective was refreshing, and it reassured me that I would not be a second-class citizen, but a valued member of the team. 

Through the years that I have been with CAC, I have become a leader and owner of the group, and I have never regretted the decision I made 11 years ago to join the team. We continue to pride ourselves on being dedicated to the care of children and to providing an environment that gives a voice to all physicians, from the most senior members to the ones right out of training. CAC’s dedication to quality pediatric care and to a supportive professional environment is something I am proud to continue to be a part of and something that I work to maintain and improve every day. Send us a message and come take a look for yourself. 

R. David Smith, M.D.

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